Cute girls number from Russia

I am calm, open-minded, friendly and with great since of humor. I love pets (dogs) and I am a good cook. I am fond of sewing and knitting. I like travel. In people I value openness, honesty and friendliness. I am easy going and acclimate to everything new very quickly. My hobbies are classical music and singing (I sing in choir). I like to read philosophical books. I am seeking a kind, open, honest, decent and purposeful man. Who wants to be a beloved husband and friend. Who will have the similar interests and outlooks on life as me. Who is able to value in a woman not only her appearance, but and her human features. A man who can take care of his family and relationships. I prefer to meet a man who doesn’t have bad habits and believes in God.
I am very calm and balanced person. I am attracted with psychology and history. I like traveling very much, meeting new people, discovering new countries and cities, sighseeings, architecture. I lead active and healthy life style. I am attracted with all unusual like parachute jumping. In my spare time I like reading, listening to the music, visiting a theater. My sacred dream is mutual understanding and respect with my the only man. I wish he would value, love and take care of me. Responsibility and faithfulness are top qualities I value in a man. I want him to be good husband, hot lover and attentive father. With such a man I would like to create a “family fortress.” I want him to be educated, clever and have sense of humor. My man can treat me and my family well.

I am communicative, kind, sincere, I love home comfort, I love my job, I do computer graphics and draw. I am currently preparing my works for the computer graphics exhibition. I enjoy taking part in art exhibitions. I love animals, enjoy cooking, traveling as well as theatre and music. I prefer our Russian, Ukrainian and old Soviet cinema production, mainly comedies and melodramas. My favorite film directors are E. Ryazanov and N. Mikhalkov. I love French films very much, especially with the participation of Gerard Depardieu and Pierre Richard. Among American actors I like only Bruce Willis. I don’t like primitive Mexican soap operas or soap operas at all. As for the theatre I like performances of Moscow theatre companies. In music I prefer jazz composition, the Beatles music, in general I am a music fan. Speaking about painting I like impressionism most of all (Renoir, Cezan, Monet, van Gogh). I like the works by Malevich and Shemyakin as well.I can’t stand falseness in people, I don’t like people abusing alcohol. I want my partner to be a decent man, loving father and tender husband without such bad habits as alcohol drinking or drugs. He should be able to support his family in a decent way. The eye or hair color don’t matter. I want to meet a Caucasian man, of 30-45 years old, min. 178 cm high, preferably of athletic build, normally looking and his own business will be highly welcome.

I am kind, careful, like to travel. I enjoy good and healthy meals, meeting new interesting people, fast cars I am a practical woman.I like hills, woods, rivers, lakes, fields, I like to go outside with my friends, I like to cook. I do not like unsteady, boring, pessimistic, inaccurate, greedy people; also I do not like people without sense of humor. Serious, responsible, mutual respect, understanding, I want to be loved, I would like to know his Zodiac, appearance, occupation and education are not so important, he must be taller then I am. His constitution must be medium, not weak not round-shouldered, a little plump, or a little thin,is fine by me.

All my life as my friends say I try to invent something, make everything new and interesting, joy and not hackneyed. That is why it is always energetic and exciting to stay nearby. I like big noisy companies as well as romantic evenings. These are my weak points when there is a possibility to visit a concert, disco club, cinema houses or music halls appears I just can not resist the temptation. I am found of animals and nature. This is my hobby to plant flowers at home. Sometimes you can find my mood to be in a very quiet condition. I am very communicative, joyful, found of music and dancing, I like entertainments. I try to find the ways of understanding in any situation with any person. My partner may be handsome, svelte, communicative, well-developed and joyful. I would like him to be found of music, entertainments and courtliness.